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[Great Gundam Wing Rewatch] Episodes 11 & 12

Previous Episodes: Episodes 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10

So close to being caught up with the meta I’ve got drafted up \o/ Here we have episodes 11 and 12, where we get to see what the hell’s been going on since Heero’s alleged “death”.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 10 'Heero, Distracted By Defeat'.mkv_snapshot_23.56_[2015.03.04_13.57.41]

Episode 11 – The Whereabouts of Happiness

Why yes that is Relena Darlian holding a gun. We’ll go into that later.

Unlike previous episodes where we’ve been told about the Alliance and mobile suits and OZ being, well, OZ, there’s no exposition courtesy of our dear narrator, just a recap of episode 10. If you want a recap of episode 10, just go and reread my meta for it. In short: Heero blew himself up along with Wing. Is he dead or alive or mostly dead and Trowa’s off to bring him to a miracle worker to revive him? Well I’m sure we’ll find out at some point.

Duo sounds so depressed and defeated. Quatre probably feels the same, but he seems better at hiding it. Unfortunately neither of them have any idea what to do or where to go since, you know, they’re wanted now and if they’re caught they will end up being executed.

Zechs wants to rebuild Wing because he feels “fated” to battle Heero. Uh. Okay. Whatever you say, Zechs.

OZ is just figuring out more about the Gundams and shit and we knew since the beginning. Goes to show how great their intelligence network is. Like what amazes me about this is their mobile suits, even their newer ones, are still outperformed by a 20 year old suit and of course by whatever the colonies spits out by their resident mad scientists. And they’re just kind of expecting their older suits to beat something much more advanced for some reason, and suddenly it dawns on them that they don’t have the technology. This is like expecting your old as hell computer to perform just as well as or even better than a brand new current technology one when your old as hell computer can’t go past Windows XP and it can barely do that anyway and the new one has Windows 10 on it.


Relena must look like her mother a lot for her to be mistaken for her. Also I’m pretty sure her mother is dead, but hey, whatever. (If you’ve read Frozen Teardrop, then yes, Relena is pretty much the spitting image of her mother Katrina but also her aunt Sabrina.)

“It takes all types, I guess.”
Duo’s response to Quatre disinheriting himself basically means that, you know, Duo comes from nothing and would kill to have enough money to never have to worry about survival, and here Quatre is with more money than God and he willingly gives it all up to fight in a war. I also find it interesting that out of all the pilots, Duo is the only one who recognises that Quatre is the heir to the Winner fortune and everything else; like the rest of them, they give zero fucks about this fact and treat him as an equal, because for all intents and purposes, he is their equal.

OZ comes to the village under the guise of wanting food and water when they’re really planning on destroying the place, razing people’s homes and livelihoods to the ground and possibly taking out everyone in the village for two Gundam pilots. OZ lies, first of all, to gain access in the hopes that no one suspects them at all, because they’re here to help protect the people, right? And they don’t even give a shit about the fact that they could kill everyone in the village and, you know, maybe the two pilots they were looking for escaped or weren’t there in the first place. All this needless destruction that hurts the very people they’re supposedly for protecting, and they wonder why people don’t like them?

The bombs are made in a way that any movement will trigger them to explode, so that puts the kibosh on trying to dismantle them. This makes it impossible to surrender, or to avoid destroying the place. More underhanded bullshit. All for two fifteen year olds. OZ is getting their asses beaten by a group of teenagers, how do you save face from that?

Civilians evacuate, the Maganacs are to make sure Duo and Quatre make it out since they are heroes in everyone’s eyes and the ones in whose hands peace and freedom lay. The fact that this happened simply because they dared to step foot into a village leaves Duo and Quatre with guilt, never mind they’re still reeling from losing their comrade to OZ’s bluffing (although I’m not entirely sure Une was bluffing with the colonies, knowing her; I doubt Treize would have been very happy about her senselessly killing millions of people just to make a point considering he already reprimanded her for nearly senselessly killing their own people). Their faces when Rashid says this hurts.

“Did you think we had one exit?” LOL. In case we needed another showcase of how incompetent OZ can be… They didn’t do much recon, I don’t think.

Duo takes out the last remaining suits from the carrier since that’s about all he can do to help.

“Next time we meet, the Colonies’ thoughts will be united.”

Yeah. Yeah they will be.

Against the Gundams and with OZ.

Then we have Relena being fucking fierce, shooting the rose off Une’s uniform. I’ve seen Relena get shit on for this scene, and I’m not sure why since she didn’t intend to kill her. The marquess remarked that a rose doesn’t belong on the uniform of someone like Une and was more suited for someone like Relena, so Relena got rid of it. Relena’s never fired off a gun that we know of, so for her to hit such a small target is actually pretty badass. Instead, she gets shit on for missing. Well yeah, if she were trying to kill Une or wound her then she missed. But she wasn’t. She was aiming for the rose.

Then her life becomes more complicated when Noin picks her up after telling the soldiers there to fuck off and that Treize’s orders trump Une’s. Relena only found out a few episodes ago that her father and mother aren’t her real parents and that she’s actually a real life long lost princess. Her father told her not to trust OZ (with good reason, they’re dicks who have a penchant for assassinating anyone who wants peace), and here someone from OZ is saying that they want to protect her. It’s okay, Relena, you can trust Noin. Noin is a verifiable badass, and she proves that by shooting the OZ logo off the cap she shot off the soldier as a warning to not fuck with her orders given to her by His Excellency himself.

Next thing she’ll find out she has a long lost brother or some shit…

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 11 'The Whereabouts of Happiness'.mkv_snapshot_23.57_[2015.03.30_10.19.34]

Episode 12 – Bewildered Warriors

This is a Wufei episode and we get to see Sally Po being a badass again, although she isn’t an agent of the Alliance anymore, she’s on the side of the Gundams because the Alliance and OZ and those types are all assholes, as we’ve discussed. We get to see what Wufei’s been up to since we saw him last time.

Now for the next few episodes we’re gonna be punched in the feels by a recap of Heero blowing Wing up. We haven’t seen Heero in two episodes now, so is he dead or alive? And of course there’s a recap of last episode in case anyone forgot what happened.

We open this episode not with Wufei, who is the main focus of this episode I promise, but with Heero. He’s on a bed and covered in bandages. The news is on, talking about the coup staged to get rid of the Alliance.

“OZ continues to create one disaster after another in its quest to demolish the Alliance.” You’ve got that right. I think OZ is a walking disaster these days. They’re just looking for excuses to fight and state that they’re ex-Alliance putting up a fight or what have you.

Heero is awake and confused and at first mistakes Catherine for Relena. He could be drugged or just plain out of it since he was out of it for a while. The way he says “Relena” is filled with surprise and disbelief. Maybe he knows it can’t possibly be her since she had no idea he even blew Wing up (she wasn’t anywhere near there), but he reacts that way anyway. Meanwhile I wonder what Catherine is knitting and for whom. I hope it’s not for Trowa, he doesn’t seem like the “I made you this sweater” type.

“Trowa?” Heero doesn’t know any of the pilots’ names save for Duo’s at this point. He has no idea where he is, who these people are, or if he can trust any of them since for all he knows he could’ve been captured by OZ. He’s in a vulnerable state.

“Why’d you save me? I was supposed to die.”
“You died a long time ago.”
It’s true. If you really want to go into it, his actual identity prior to all of this died with his parents. He didn’t have a name when he was going around with Odin Lowe. If you don’t want to go back that far, you could argue that part of Heero died when he accidentally killed that little girl and her dog. He hasn’t exactly been okay since.

Heero’s been comatose for a month. A lot has happened in that time, such as the fall of the Alliance. The colonies weren’t touched at all.

“In OZ’s eyes, you’re already dead. You’re no longer restrained to the colonies.” Heero could run off and make a life for himself under a new name. He could head home to the colonies and live the life of a normal teenager. Considering Heero was given that option in Episode Zero to forget about Operation M and run away and he didn’t take it, I don’t think Heero’s just gonna waltz away under the name John Smith or Duo Maxwell or whatever and pretend that the past few months (and arguably the past few years) just didn’t happen.

Trowa wonders if he should follow Heero’s example and Heero says, “If that’s the case, I’ve got one warning: it hurts like hell.” And Trowa LOLs because death hurting like hell is hilarious. God these boys are fucked up. For a while I didn’t understand this scene, but coming to my above revelation one day made me realise this: seeing how Heero can just do whatever he wants now since OZ thinks he’s six feet under, Trowa could have his own life free to do whatever he wanted if he followed Heero’s example. Except Trowa would probably end up dead. Heero is a combination of training and genetic modifications. Trowa was a child soldier, yes, but I doubt he was trained to be able to survive fall damage and explosions.

Heero asks Trowa to tell him wtf has been going on since he blew himself up. “This is the first favour I’ve asked since I came to Earth.” Not the type to do the favours thing, he would rather not be indebted, but he has no other way of figuring things out, so he has to ask.

And now we get to Wufei, who is admiring nature by a waterfall on the cockpit hatch of his Gundam, admiring a bird’s wings carrying it far, far away. Meanwhile, Sally is being a goddamn boss 😀

Colonel Bundt (like bundt pans?) is an asshole who opposes peace and murdered a peace loving Alliance leader because that is a Thing that OZ Does although he is not OZ yet I’m sure he will be and said the mulitary needs to be strengthened, not weakened or demilitarised altogether, in order to attain independence for what used to be China. Too bad that’s not how this shit works. Civil war is becoming common since the Alliance is in a bad position and thus easy to overthrow.

Sally isn’t thrilled to be firing on Alliance members (or at least ex-Alliance ones) since they were, at one point, her comrades. Such is war.

So these guys use Leos to attack people who only have regular combat weapons. Talk about a gross difference in advantages here.

“I won’t tell you to drop your weapons. I’ll have you die.” Oh. Nice. Sally screams, “Kuso!” before breaking the camera on the Leo with a missile launcher–or she would have if Wufei hadn’t done it first. How did he even know what was going on? Why did he even step in to help? Wufei has no intention to fight until they yell that they’ll go on until they beat his Gundam, which Wufei is insulted by, so he destroys all of the Leos.

“Why fight when you don’t have a chance of succeeding?” Wufei’s dialogue here recalls Meiran, who fought an enemy she had no chance of winning against and he couldn’t save her. She died from her injuries.

“Someone ordered you [to fight]?”
“No, we’ve taken this on ourselves.”
“I don’t understand.”

Wufei’s used to being told what’s expected of him. Why would someone purposely take this on and what reason would they have for doing so, especially if they aren’t winning but are on the losing side? Isn’t the point of fighting to be the victor? Besides that, Wufei isn’t fighting just because someone told him to, he’s trying to fight for someone else’s definition of justice and it clashes so spectacularly with his own.

“You look pretty exhausted.” Well I doubt Wufei’s slept much since he’s pretty much on the run now that OZ are trying to murder all of the pilots because Gundams are Bad and stuff. Heero is the only one who can walk away on account of being “dead”, the rest have to constantly look over their shoulders and wonder if they’re stepping into hostile territory, and if someone helps them out, are they going to drag that innocent person into this mess with them?

So these soldiers go to a restaurant and bust the place up because the owner asked for them to pay for what they ate and they feel they are above that. They do nothing but use their status to intimidate the civilians into listening to them. So Sally sticks up to them and beats three of them but then gets overwhelmed by a couple more before Wufei intervenes.

“You’re too weak to fight.” Is he talking to Sally or is he talking about himself? It could be both. He doesn’t believe he is good enough to pilot Nataku under the pretense that he isn’t strong enough to be able to fight for the cause he’s set out to do so for. All because he lost to Treize and lost confidence in himself.

Bundt suggests asking OZ for help but the rest of his council is against it since that would give OZ and opening to take over the place. Bundt has shifty eyes so he’s definitely up to something, not just wiping out the guerilla forces.

So a fight happens that gets a lot of guerilla soldiers killed or severely injured. Meanwhile Bundt is conspiring with a guy who is wearing some stripe of the OZ uniform. Turns out his story will be that some of his soldiers didn’t approve of OZ joining them and they ended up joining the enemy instead. It’s an excuse to betray his own men since he doesn’t care about them at all, only about his own place in the world.

Sally goes to sacrifice herself for Wufei and he gains enough reason to fight with Nataku again. So Wufei lays waste to the Aries and to Bundt and his chopper of dickbags.

Back to the circus, OZ requested a performance so Trowa thinks that’s the best time to basically kill himself. Or attempt it. “There’s nothing wrong with acting on your emotions.” Well. Maybe there are some exceptions to that, Heero. Trowa doesn’t want OZ to get the colonies any further involved so he feels that maybe if he’s dead (whether perceived to be dead or actually dead), that’s one less “threat”, at least in OZ’s eyes.

But of course we’ll see what goes down in episode 13.


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