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[Great Gundam Wing Rewatch] Episodes 7 & 8 Meta

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We’re up to like, ep 20 now? But I got behind due to RL, and even further behind with my meta, so here’s episodes 7 and 8.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_23.55_[2015.02.22_14.39.57]

Episode 7 – Scenario for Bloodshed

My original notes for this episode were like, half a page and my liveplurk offered me…not much to go by, so I rewatched it so I could do some proper notes on it, because stating Heero has a nice ass is not what I consider “serious meta notes”.

So anyway. OZ’s trap is being set in this episode, or as Treize would likely say, “The stage is being set up for opening night,” because he uses a lot of theatre metaphors in this episode, which I enjoy because I was a huge theatre geek. Zechs is in Nairobi due to thoughts of the fighting being fiercest there when they finally decide to kick some Alliance ass via severe mobile suit boot stompage. Why Zechs? Because he’s the top fighter in OZ, which I guess says something about the rest of the soldiers they employ in this place. Zechs is the best–of the worst.

Treize: People will stop doubting and will be devoted to a new future.

More like people will stop wondering if OZ is filled with a bunch of war mongering assholes and have that confirmed for them. Remember, Treize is basically Napoleon. You’re fighting nothing but a downhill battle against people who are technologically more advanced than you are, so you decide to use fear tactics and get innocent people involved. This comes to play a few episodes from now.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_03.19_[2015.02.22_15.08.17]

Oooh, a boot screen for a Gundam! Whenever I see stuff like this I want to see what the text says, because yes I am that much of a geek, so I flipped the image round:

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_03.19_[2015.02.22_15.08.17]_FLIPPED

…what’s this about MS-DOS? Are you telling me these advanced pieces of machinery that everyone on Earth is in awe of because they’re so much more technologically advanced than their mobile suits run on what is probably MS-DOS 6 (given that this was made in April 1995). Good to know there is CD-ROM drive support, I wonder what kind of CD-ROM drives Gundams would have? Would they be caddy types? Or like modern ones? Do people even know what I’m talking about? (Probably not.) Why would Gundams even run on MS-DOS, why not Windows 95 or something? Because this was April 1995. Windows 95 wasn’t released until August 1995. Amazing, huh?

So if I use DOSBOX I could basically pilot a Gundam from this series. This pleases the computer geek in me. (I would love to know what prompts I would need to input in CMD… is there a WEAPONS.BAT file or something for the weapons? Do I type RUN BUSTER~.EXE or something for buster rifle settings? Why am I thinking about this?)

Anyway! The pilots fall for this trap, which is Treize’s intent in the first place. They are the “actors”. Well, some of them. The pilots have no reason to suspect that this is anything other than true, and they’re just given the orders anyway, which I think people tend to forget. This means that the scientists were fooled and didn’t realise either. Except for one, who I’ll talk about later.

“He’s still just a kid.” They say this about Quatre. I think sometimes people in the series say this just to remind everyone that you’re watching a show about teenaged terrorists. Because it’s easy to forget, believe it or not. They’re only fifteen.

Quatre calls into a San Fran hotel using a payphone. Does anyone remember payphones? It was during a time when people didn’t have these things called “cell phones”. I’ve never seen a payphone that looks like the one Quatre uses though…

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2015.02.22_15.15.02]

I guess they tried to make it look “futuristic”. There is nothing futuristic about payphones. Or floppy disks, for that matter. I imagine on the Colonies they have mobile phones, but Earth hasn’t gotten that far.

“I’m on my own, is that a problem?” Christ, Quatre, you’re so sheltered; that’s expected since he’s the Winner heir and all and prior to this really wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without at least one assistant/bodyguard/whoever.
“We meet again!” Trowa’s face as Quatre approaches:

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_05.07_[2015.02.22_15.15.45]

He doesn’t look happy to see Quatre, does he? He probably wants to know what his deal is, especially since I guess Trowa isn’t sure whether or not to trust him yet. And really all Quatre wants is to befriend him so that they aren’t on this suicide mission alone. Because when you think of it, none of these pilots knew about any of the others, they just thought they were doing this whole mission alone! Which is a lot to ask a fifteen year old when you think about it. They’ve barely gotten halfway through puberty yet and they have to basically dismantle OZ with just a giant robotic death machine and nothing else.

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?!

So now we get to see what Heero’s up to, you know, the usual shit of stealing carriers and what not. He drops down like a goddamn ninja and then knocks the two guys out before taking over the carrier since he needs that.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_05.38_[2015.02.22_15.18.54]

This is the shot that I went “Heero has a nice ass” in my notes about, in case anyone was curious.

While doing systems checks he finds out that his freight door is open, which maybe he should’ve checked out before getting on the carrier in the first place since what if there were bad guys in there? That’s just bad planning. So Heero goes in there with his gun drawn and he sees a Gundam just, you know, chilling there.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_05.52_[2015.02.22_15.20.21]

(Unf dat ass.)

Heero, I don’t know what good a gun would do against someone who has a Gundam in their possession, but you know, I won’t question your logic, we know who the real target is. But before we reintroduce him, shouldn’t you recognise this Gundam by now? You’ve seen it before!

“I won’t let the mission fail this time!” his target says, and asks Heero to trust him. Oh yeah, btw, he adds, let me take over the cockpit. And most people would probably tell him to fuck off or that no, you can get your own carrier, or maybe even, “No, I found this, you can ride shotgun.” But instead, Heero says, “Do what you want,” before leaving.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_06.14_[2015.02.22_15.22.06]

Look at how happy he is when Heero remembers his name. Keep in mind that Duo has no idea what the hell Heero’s name is yet.

So they are in a cockpit together.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_06.27_[2015.02.22_15.23.47]

Heero looks thrilled. I think it’s when Duo is in charge of this carrier that Heero at a later point goes, “You can pilot the shuttle, I’m counting on your skills.” And Heero looks just as thrilled then as he does now.

Duo: This is our chance to finally destroy OZ.
Heero: This time is different. We’re gonna eliminate every OZ leader.
Duo: Yeah. Then I can return to space.
Heero: [OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_06.45_[2015.02.22_15.24.21]

Clearly he wonders why the hell Duo even has plans for the future when they could be dashed five seconds from now since, you know, they’re basically on a suicide mission and could die at any second. He’s puzzled, but says nothing about it. Heero has no future as far as he’s concerned.

AND NOW TO THE ALLIANCE MEETING. The important players here are: Field Marshal Noventa, General Septem, and General Ventei whose name may or may not have inspired the Venti size at Starbucks. Despite the fact that this is an Alliance meeting, Treize says that it’s an OZ one–is this foreshadowing? “Let’s see how the future plans out. […] It’s up to the Alliance whether my plans to reform succeed.” I guess whether or not the Alliance wants war or peace? Or if they might get in the way later on or not?

Which basically means that if they don’t want this war that Treize does, off with their heads!

And more lies from OZ: Zechs has his pilot lie and say that it’s “just a training exercise”. This is all showing OZ’s underhanded tactics to get what they want and to succeed, always at the expense of others. But Zechs thinks nothing will change with the world regardless of whether it’s the Alliance or if it’s OZ. “So why should we even fight?”

Noventa and all these other Alliance people agree that it’s time for the bloodshed they’ve started to end, because no one wants this shit anymore.

“If only we could stop it,” say Septem. “But how would you deal with the recent incidents?” The Gundams have left Earth in a virtual crisis and no one has ever thought that maybe it’s because the Colonies are sick and tired of people who don’t even live in space telling them what to do? No wonder the world is fucked up! No one uses their brains in this organisation. Treize states that the Colonies created the Gundams “purely for destructive purposes.” Except not. The Gundams were sent off to destroy OZ. Sure, originally Operation M was something else entirely, but they decided that was a dumb idea, blowing up Earth because one asshole got killed.

And then Treize needs to wait for someone to express the Alliance’s “true feelings” towards peace and the Gundams. Noventa suggests opening up dialogue with the Colonies and another (Ventei maybe) says they must create a new chapter in history with their peace talks. And Noventa says once the Colonies hear their desire to stop fighting, the Gundams will go away. And this makes perfect sense because at least then if the Colonies are still going to blow them up, they can say they tried and failed, and now have to go for their last resort.

“The future’s about to head in the wrong direction.”

Yeah because who the hell wants peace?! Pfft! Kill everyone! Destroy the colonies!

So then as if on cue the Gundams arrive, with Wing and Deathscythe being first of course. They are Treize’s “final actors” in this fucked up play about taking over the Alliance and scapegoating the Gundams for propaganda purposes. Treize wants everyone to be on OZ’s side, right? If everyone hates the Gundams, then they hate them more than they hate OZ. And if OZ also hate the Gundams, well now you have a common enemy.

“Talk to the pilots! Tell them we want peace!” Too bad ain’t nobody got time for that. Why not find out who gives them their orders and talk to them about, you know, canceling or amending the orders?! Why don’t you even try talking to them?! Goddammit.

“We can’t risk you getting slaughtered while insisting on solving problems through negotiations.” Oh. Irony. Too bad that according to Treize’s script (and mine), you’re gonna be slaughtered for peace. Noventa calls him on his sarcasm, but says he’s right. Get to safety first and then figure out peaceful solutions! So Noventa, Ventei, and some other assholes essential to peace between Earth and the Colonies go to the B12 gate; Septem is directed to go towards the F7 gate, where “Treize’s personal shuttle” awaits.

While all of this is going on, mutiny is happening all across the world at every Alliance base as part of “Operation Daybreak”, headed by Zechs and Noin. Zechs makes a fancy speech worthy of some kind of Oscar maybe, and after he says, “Not bad if I say so myself.” Even he thinks it’s all full of shit, but he spouts it anyway because that’s the part he plays: Treize’s loyal BFF and best soldier.

Trowa and Quatre arrive on the scene after the Alliance evacuates, taking out whoever is left. Heero and Duo suspect them to be new OZ mobile suits, but Duo is confused since they’re also picking off the Alliance. Why would they attack their own men? Too bad Duo doesn’t realise that was the point of Operation Daybreak.

Heero is tasked with taking out an OZ shuttle and take it out he does, not knowing that he’s being played. Trowa and Duo aren’t really getting along all that well, and Wufei shows up and tells them, “By the way, you fell into a trap.” Heero just assassinated a group of Alliance pacifists who wanted to have peace talks with the colonies.

Heero really is like his father, assassinating peace leaders, and then feeling immense guilt over it after.

Relena’s making a floral arrangement with the news on in the background and hears the news, turning around in time to see Wing blow up a shuttle. Of course Relena knows who the pilot of that is. She also knows that that’s not the whole story, because Heero is fighting for peace isn’t he? Why would he do that?

Septem outlives his usefulness to OZ, so Une throws him off the shuttle and then, in case the fall somehow doesn’t kill him, shoots him in the head so that he is definitely completely dead and not mostly dead. Treize has started the war he’s wanted. The Gundams likewise were nothing more than puppets controlled by the hands of Treize and they–and likely the ones giving them orders–had no idea that this was just a ploy for Treize to take over the Alliance and get rid of the ones in his way.

Treize is kind of a dick.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 07 'Scenario For Bloodshed'.mkv_snapshot_23.55_[2015.02.23_12.29.31]

Episode 8 – The Treize Assassination

Time to fight the leftover soldiers and maybe get the hell out of Dodge! Wufei trips ALL THE INFRARED SENSORS because he’s Chang Wufei, he does what he wants. Heero, meanwhile, isn’t coping well with his fuck up and just stands there and doesn’t care if he gets shot. This angers Duo who doesn’t want him to die and also makes things harder for him and Quatre.

Une orders OZ soldiers to blow up the New Edwards base to wipe out the remaining Gundams–and also anyone else there, which includes their own soldiers. It’s kind of like trying to put out a fire on the colonies by creating a rain storm. If you have missiles, why not try those? Or at least evacuate your own people! I’m not sure how happy Treize would be about that. Sally sure as hell isn’t happy and tries to stop them, but the guy with the worst underbite I’ve ever seen is all LOLOL IT’S TOO LATE because he pressed the red button and put everything on lockdown as it gets ready to explode. So Sally does the only thing she can do: call for someone who can accomplish the impossible. Which is apparently a fifteen year old boy with a penchant for green tank tops and black compression workout shorts. She calls for Heero over the loudspeaker to dismantle the self-destruct device.

After seven episodes, Duo finally learns Heero’s name and is kind of in awe.

“Your friend’s in shock!” Quatre says before Sally knocks him out of it. Poor bastard’s still going I FUCKED UP FUCKED IT ALL UP FUCK MY LIFE FUCK IT TO HELL in his head. But once he’s no longer in that mindset, off he goes to go and undo Une’s fuck up. Duo calls him a coward since he thinks Heero is running away (which is coming from a kid who introduces himself with “I may run and hide…”), but Quatre says Heero is flying off to help Sally and bets his life on Heero succeeding in something where he has a 90 percent chance of failing.

“A failed mission means death! But my card isn’t up yet!” And people say that Heero actively wants to die and is so suicidal and here you have him basically saying it’s not his time to die yet.

Heero can bend metal. Duo is fucking impressed as hell over him succeeding. He’s the main character, of course he’s going to pull off the impossible. This isn’t Code Geass where they kill off the main character!

The subtitles give “ore no MISS da!” as “I totally screwed up!” and if this wasn’t a show rated 13+ I would’ve probably translated it a little more strongly, but it’s fine.

So Une tells Treize she failed and he asks her what she did. She says she tried to blow up the New Edwards base but that one of the Gundam pilots deactivated it. He says they were saved by the Gundams and would have to thank them this one time. Treize basically tells her that just because you can kill people, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or wise to do so. Especially when it’s your own goddamn people!

And now we’re staring at a General Daigo, who is bragging about how the Alliance HQ won’t fall to OZ so easily and then in walks Zechs saying that the security is wonderful. Daigo is responsible for the attacks on the Sanc Kingdom and man does Zechs sound really angry, I wonder why that is?

“Big Nose” what kind of call sign is that? I guess it’s better than “Big” something else…

Trowa and Wufei head for Treize. Trowa fights OZ mobile suits while Wufei ends up fighting with Une who doesn’t want him anywhere near Treize. Treize has other ideas and instead invites Wufei to duel him and after a Matrix Bullet Time like slow-mo, Treize wins. Instead of killing Wufei, he says he looks forward to when they next meet. Wufei ends up having an emo episode and sulks at the bottom of the sea in Shenlong’s cockpit after Trowa tears up some Cancers and Pisces suits.


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