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[Great Gundam Wing Rewatch] Episodes 5 & 6 meta

Yesterday I watched, with my BFF Dusty, episodes five and six (Relena’s Secret and Party Night respectively), where we get some background about Our Heroes and we’re introduced to some new characters, such as Dr J.

As I did with previous episodes, I did a live plurk which is what I base a lot of my meta entries on so some things may not necessarily be in order but I try. I write these things organically which means if I end up thinking about things as I type, I run with them and let them blossom before moving on to whatever my next point is.

There will be a LOT of Relena and Heero thoughts in this meta. Be prepared.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 05 'Relena's Secret'.mkv_snapshot_02.27_[2015.02.22_12.52.01]

Am I the only one who, after a while, tires of the whole expositional intro? As I’ve said in previous entries, I usually skip this part because I know humans had high hopes for space exploration and they left Earth to live up in the space colonies and that the current year is AC 195 and the Alliance are assholes who conquered the colonies one by one. Why do I have to hear this every episode? (Because Gundam Wing in Japan was released on a weekly basis, not daily, and I’ve already seen the series many tens of times over.) Our PREVIOUSLY ON GUNDAM WING excerpt is of Relena shouting for Heero off of a cliff and I don’t know why they chose that scene as what we should remember episode four by, but whatever, I don’t make those decisions.

Relena looks so bored and also kind of peeved as she sits next to her father on the shuttle, probably because she knows that he will once again have no time to spend with her and will instead be spending it all with these diplomats for the colonies and what not. Likely in meetings of some kind that Relena is not authorised to attend. I wonder what Relena does while her dad is busy? Sight-see? I’m sure there’s some interesting things in the colonies. Maybe souvenir shops for things. Also, she must miss quite a chunk of schooling, so I wonder if she gets some kind of private tutoring or if she has to do the work via like, vidchat or computers or something? Or maybe just on her own time, like if you’re sick from school a lot you have assignments sent home so you’re on par with everyone else.

Also why the hell does he even bring his fifteen year old daughter with him to space anyway instead of just leaving her home with her mom?

Darlian clearly does not approve of sharing a shuttle with Une because he says, “I have nothing to discuss with the likes of you.” Expressing disdain to OZ is probably not a good idea since the way they handle that is by making you disappear. And with the way Une is acting towards you, I think you’ll be disappearing very soon. He tells Relena to look at Earth and remember how beautiful the planet is and Une muses that Darlian will never see it again, because as I mentioned she’s going to make sure he disappears for talking the way he did to her.

OZ is sometimes full of overkill. I mean there is also the fact that Darlian is on the side of the Colonies and is open to having Earth openly communicate and work with them, and OZ thinks that’s weird and also ruins their plans for domination of everything, so he’s gotta go.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 05 'Relena's Secret'.mkv_snapshot_04.17_[2015.02.22_12.56.54]

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Heero sleeps in his socks and he likely just flopped onto the bed all exhausted when J was basically like WAKE UP, HEERO I HAVE A MISSION FOR YOU? Also Heero is still at the school at this point so he probably did literally just crash onto his bed ready to sleep after a hard day of being a badass.

A colonist diplomat wonders why OZ would think the Colonies would want to attack Earth and Relena questions why the Colonies would want to attack Earth and start a war as OZ keeps claiming they want. Like seriously, what have the Colonies really ever done except, you know, exist? There is a lot for Earth to be jealous over and technological advances the Colonies have made basically rendered a lot of Earth tech obsolete or at least antiquated. They’re perpetually behind the Colonies. If they take over the Colonies then they have access to all the good shit they’re missing on account of being on Earth instead of in space.

And clearly I guess the only way OZ can excuse this behaviour is to start a war, because that’s classy.

The colonies distrust OZ so much that they tell Une she can’t sit in on their meeting because she doesn’t have the proper clearance level or something and Darlian is kind of “I don’t trust you” whenever he’s confronted with Une. There is plenty of reason to not trust her–she seems kind of shady and also the organisation she works for is pretty fucking shady. Now. This isn’t the first time there was an assassination plot for Darlian–there was one a couple of years earlier, which was thwarted by a goddamn eleven year old boy because OZ doesn’t plan things all that well I guess. I’m sure Darlian is aware that there is another attempt as well, in fact in Glory of Losers he is aware and Une’s attempt is, iirc, thwarted as well. (He ends up getting killed accidentally when a building he’s in is destroyed and a wall falls on him.)

Why do none of these important diplomats and politicians not have bodyguards or some kind of Secret Service type people with them?! You’re high profile people and thus likely to be the targets of assassination attempts. Did you people not learn from what happened to Heero Yuy in AC 175?! (Clearly not.)

Before the meeting gets underway Relena knocks on the door and says she’s gonna do some shopping because otherwise she’s just in a hotel suite bored out of her goddamn mind, and her face when her dad’s just like, “Yeah sure go shopping have fun,” is pretty adorable and makes her for just a split moment seem like an ordinary fifteen year old girl. The type who loves to go shopping and I’m sure her dad is paying for it all because he’s rich. In that aspect she’s your average fifteen year old girl with a rich and doting father to make up for the lack of time he spends with her.

And of course on her way to shop she decides to hand Une back the makeup compact she must have “accidentally” left on the table which is kind of a strange place to leave something like that anyway, but I don’t think most people would think “oh god this is actually a bomb in a makeup compact”. I wouldn’t. But Relena hands Une the murder weapon that kills every diplomat, including her father, which is a pretty heavy thing.

The meeting before they all get blown up is pretty much, “I don’t get why OZ doesn’t believe us when we say we want peace and not war.” It’s not that OZ doesn’t believe them, they just choose not to because their agenda is more important than whatever the truth may be. And after making out the Colonies to be these terrible terrorist harbouring hideaways, who are the masses going to believe?

Also I guess Treize isn’t aware that Darlian is a.) Relena’s dad and b.) that his daughter is also Zechs’ sister. Talk about awkward when the plan is to kill both of them! Does Zechs even know about this? (Probably not.)

Nitpick here: if someone had a wall or debris of some kind fall on their back, the proper way to carry them is not to sling them over your shoulder like you would a five pound sack of potatoes. What if his back was broken or he had a spinal injury or some sorts? He could be paralysed if he survives! Which, because this is anime, we know he won’t, because I guess in most anime series there is a rule that says “your parents must be dead at some point” and it’s usually the dad.

“We’re gonna give you drugs so you’ll stop freaking out.” No one questions what’s in the syringe or anything. Relena doesn’t care about whether she lives or dies (says so herself in this scene) so maybe she doesn’t care if the drugs kill her. After all, her dad is dead. Or dying. Her whole world is turned upside down. In some ways Relena is kind of your typical teenager. You know, the whole “no fuck my life I don’t want to live anymore” thing everyone does when they’re fifteen, even if they won’t admit it because no one wants to be that guy and say, “Yeah I hated life as a teen.” (Because usually it was over something stupid like being grounded for the weekend.)

Anyway, these guys say they’re from some organisation but don’t name which one, but since they’re colonist rebels they’re probably part of the Colony Liberation Organisation which yes, is a legitimate organisation in this series. It’s a little hard to keep track unless you write ’em down though, simply because there’s a shit load and OZ in and of itself later on has like three sub-branches (Treize Faction, OZ Prize, etc.) and you need a cheat sheet or a list of some kind to keep track of who belongs to what. Which makes things difficult if you have a character who switches sides every few episodes.

(The Colony Liberation Organisation, by the way, is what our five Gundam pilots belong to.)

Now we get to the famous last words thing. You know how someone is dying in media and they have to give final words about something really important to the plot when that might not be accomplishable in reality, especially after having a wall fall on top of them and thus there’s probably some ribs in his lungs? Well there is that in the scene, but it doesn’t take the cliché route and instead Darlian tells Relena, “I’m not your real father,” thus shattering Relena’s entire world and everything she’s known.

Which is pretty frightening when you’re fifteen, because a lot of things can “shatter” your world, which includes your parents not allowing you to go to prom because you forgot to do your science homework freshman year, and you’re a junior now. But this is serious shit. I think I would be more shocked than Relena, but hey, maybe she hasn’t processed it all yet. After all, her dad’s pretty much dying, and now this? He was apparently a senator who worked for her dad, who was the king of someplace and he snuck her away after everything went to hell in a fiery handbasket.

Let’s give Darlian mad props for what he did because holy shit. Convincing all your buddies–who are part of the Alliance and just blew up the kingdom you lived in and worked for–that yes, this is your daughter, I’ve just never really mentioned her before now have I, but here she is… How do you not only fake a pregnancy, but pull off having a two year old the entire time? I’m sure he had to pay off a buddy to forge some documents to make it look even more convincing. Probably the best thing going for Relena is that her adoptive mother and her look similar enough that it works. He’s basically risked his life taking care of his dead monarch’s daughter. What a badass.

Aaaaand we are introduced to Howard, who has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and flip flops, and I’ve always described him as basically a chill stoner grandpa type who my headcanon says is also Doctor J’s brother and all Howard did was smoke weed and look at the moon all day, whereas J was off building giant robots that had potential to destroy colonies before realising, “Welp, I don’t think we need something that powerful.”

(But instead of destroying the blueprints for Wing ZERO, they just shoved them in a folder somewhere.)

Meanwhile I still hate Duo’s pants and I will never not hate them. I like scenes with Duo and Howard, I dunno why, I guess it’s because they get on so well compared to like, him and G.

Keeping in the same vein of “what are the other pilots up to?” we get to see the aftermath of Quatre and Trowa’s “duet”, wherein Trowa is leaving and Quatre doesn’t even know this guy’s name, despite them presumably spending the night together (take that however you will). Quatre is so adorable in this scene, but really I think he’s just excited to HAVE A FRIEND WHO ISN’T RELATED TO HIM because seriously this poor child only has like, 29 sisters and then Rasid and his peeps as people to talk to.

Also is it just me or does his last name sound like “weiner” in the Japanese version? This scene with Quatre and Rasid–“Do you think it was wise to show him our base?”–makes me laugh probably because I’ve seen Tyrest’s abridged series where Quatre says, “He could only see half of it anyway because his hair was in the way.” Sometimes I wonder how Trowa doesn’t poke out his eye (or someone else’s) with it. It looks sharp and pointy.

Meanwhile Heero flaunts his blatant disregard for seatbelts by not buckling up his harness. He’s asking for something to cause himself to launch through one of the camera screens isn’t he? Or to faceplant the keyboard, which you can do even with the harness, but at least you’re not thrown. Also I don’t know why but he always looks so tiny in a cockpit, and I know Heero isn’t exactly tall (he’s only 5’2″), but seriously. I think it’s because all these other soldiers are adults for the most part, so their heads almost reach the bar on top of the head rest, but Heero’s head does not. I dunno.

Now, here’s something that’s eye opening that I haven’t noticed in subsequent rewatches: Tallgeese, according to Zechs, is more advanced than any mobile suit OZ currently has. And here is the thing about Tallgeese: the suit itself is twenty years old. The same age as Zechs. It is the predecessor to the Leo (which is why it’s also called the Proto-Leo), which is the design that basically every mobile suit’s design is based off of. Knowing that, and comparing the Leo and such to Gundams, which are newer? That’s a huge technology gap for military weapons. That’s how far behind Earth is in a lot of things, it seems, since Relena (as she demonstrates later in this episode) seems confused by who Heero Yuy was. And Heero Yuy was assassinated in AC 175, which was twenty years prior.

(And as I touched on in a previous meta, that’s because OZ doesn’t want them to know anything about the Colonies except that they are terrible people, despite Earth being the ones essentially terrorising the Colonies and cutting them off in the first place, which is why the tech gap is so huge. Earth fucked itself.)

So Relena decides that the logical option is to avenge her dad so she takes one of the rebels’ guns and asks who the people responsible were. Relena, revenge plots don’t work. They either don’t work or you feel like shit when they do. Do something more constructive. This is after she has a flashback of the events of the past few episodes, so they’re mostly of Heero until we see one of her dad, wherein she says, “Heero… I want to see you…” Even though we’re on a frame of her dad.

Why does Relena want to see Heero? Does she want to die? Does she want him to carry out her revenge plot? No. Relena mentions this in a monologue later on in a different episode, but Relena finds comfort in Heero’s strength and how he just keeps on going despite how high the odds are stacked against him. That’s something she finds admirable.

Then of course Doctor J shows up and this shot of him always freaked me out, especially when he opens and closes the claw he has. I can picture him just lurking there after following Relena and the others to this hideout, and then of course decides to make himself known when Relena mentions Heero.

Meanwhile it’s all over the news that Darlian’s been murdered and Zechs and Noin are watching. Zechs gives off the impression that he doesn’t care and Noin just sighs because Zechs has a heart in there somewhere… I mean after all that’s his sister that Treize has…ordered Une to kill. Well. Talk about awkward.

Oh and here’s Heero chuckling. The drugs must be wearing off since that’s all he does, chuckle, not full blown muwahahahahha type laughter. What a wild child he is, considering his near-reckless usage of the buster rifle, which he doesn’t really use much after episode six. Contrast this with Glory of Losers, where Heero can only get a certain amount of rounds out of it (nine actually) before it’s…useless. (You can just get more ammo for it, but that’s probably a pain.) Heero counts the rounds down each time he uses one, and he uses the ninth round in the equivalent of episode ten.

Also to contrast more with Glory of Losers, Darlian isn’t killed by OZ. He’s kind of…killed by accident just by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wing knocks over a building and a wall comes down on Darlian. So yeah, Heero’s body count is a little higher in Glory of Losers because Heero just accidentally kills people. (Story of his life.)

Anyway, back to Doctor J, who has Relena in his limo that kind of reminds me of a hearse a little bit, and he has to tell Relena he is a scientist, as if the lab coat didn’t give him away. When you have to tell someone you’re a scientist, that means that you probably aren’t one, or a very good one. Honestly I think it’s just because he looks more like a science experiment than anything else, what with half his limbs being robotic prosthesis of some stripe. And of course talk turns to Heero, and J asks Relena, “How’s that rascal doing?” and describes him as his weapon built to destroy OZ.

I know there are some people who really dislike J, mostly because of a.) how he trained Heero to kill people and b.) how he seems to refer to Heero as a weapon (though he calls Heero an agent in this episode), but then you also have him call Heero a “rascal” akin to how your favourite uncle calls you when he teases you, and the fact that in Endless Waltz J actually yells at Dekim for trying to turn Heero into a weapon in the first place. Their relationship is no doubt a complicated one, but I’ve always considered it kind of fatherly if anything else. Heero never had good fatherly role models to begin with (I mean Odin Lowe taught him how to kill people), but you can tell that J cares about him–he just has a weird way of showing it. Because he’s J, he’s kind of off-balance to begin with and not at all like Chill Stoner Grandpa there in the Pacific.

(When I get to Endless Waltz in my rewatch I will talk more about Heero and J. I have a lot of feels.)

And though J is talking over Heero screaming, I can still hear enough to know that Heero kind of screams like Marth from Smash Brothers and now that I’ve realised that, I can’t exactly unhear it. And now I’m giggling.

(Heero and Marth share a voice actor in the Japanese version. They are both voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru.)

So J tells Relena all about how he trained Heero to be a professional assassin and combat training and all sorts of stuff (basically building on the skills Odin Lowe taught Heero in Episode Zero), and that he is an agent of theirs to go and kick OZ’s ass because they’re the bad guys oppressing the colonies. He talks about some background with the colonies and how everything was okay while they were living under Heero Yuy’s rule. And Relena questions him at that, because Relena didn’t know there was an actual political figure with that name. Considering his assassination was a pretty big deal, the fact that Earth doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo means that said memo was intercepted at some point and disregarded. (Probably because OZ ordered the assassination in the first place.) And that Heero Yuy is just Heero’s code name and not his real name (which we never find out ever).

Also I kind of find it adorable that Relena calls Heero “Heero-kun” when talking to J. That’s like, the only time she calls him that since she just says “Heero” to his face. I guess it must be because he completely disregards honorifics with her so she does away with formalities too? I dunno. That’s a meta for another time.

And then we are shown Wing blowing some shit up and Deathscythe arrives and now they’re at a stand off. Mmm. Boys will be boys I guess.

Back to J and Relena… Relena questions why Dr J would bother helping her out. Is it because of her father? Nah. It has nothing at all to do with who she is, because as far as J cares, she’s just an ordinary teenaged girl caught up in asshole politics. The reason J helped her is because she had the same look in her eyes as Heero. “That genuine expression.” I spent a while back in the day trying to figure out what the hell that even meant. Considering Relena’s world was turned upside down and no one seemed to really give a shit about her, Relena had to deal with her father’s death all by her lonesome when J showed up.

You contrast that with the fact that Heero was wandering all by himself when J found him. Heero was pretty damn lonely and he wandered around with absolutely no purpose in life until J asked, “Wanna pilot a Gundam?” Heero’s always shown emotion via his eyes even if he keeps his facial expressions under control. What J saw was loneliness. Being lost.

And Relena is lonely and lost, unsure of where she belongs.

And then he goes on to explain that despite all appearances, Heero is actually a very kind-hearted boy, which we’ve seen examples of already (such as wiping Relena’s tears away, his look of sadness in episode two before he pulled the gun on her at the docks and Duo arrived) and will continue seeing more examples of. But Heero is also very dedicated to his missions and hates when shit gets in his way (because that’s probably when people end up dying), so you would be better off not being in his way and just stay away from him if you can. If I remember right, I believe that Heero is supposed to get rid of anything or anyone in his way, so yeah. Step to the side.

That’s also kind of sad when you think about it because avoiding Heero means that you damn him to a very lonely existence and while I always labeled Heero as introverted, introverted people still enjoy other people’s company (as long as it’s on their terms) and yeah, that’s kind of damning him to a life of solitude because if you get too close you end up dead. No wonder the kid’s got issues.

SPEAKING OF HEERO he’s still in a stand off with Duo, where Duo thinks there’s gonna be some kind of throw down, especially when Heero decides to shoot off his rifle…which hits the mobile suit right behind Duo that was going to probably try and kill him. Man Heero, you’re so cool. Even if your laugh is kind of creepy. “I’ve returned the favour.”

This comes up a few times as well, Heero’s philosophy on life is basically to not owe anyone anything, so if someone does something nice like rescue him, he doesn’t want to feel indebted to someone for them doing that, so he “pays back” the favour. So Duo saved his ass in the hospital, so now he’s gonna save Duo from getting shanked by a Leo. There’s also Sylvia Noventa (and the rest of those families) and there is my favourite Endless Waltz scene that showcase this “one for one” philosophy.

And really I guess it’s a good one to have when you might be dead tomorrow, so you may as well die without owing someone a favour, yeah?

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_02.27_[2015.02.22_13.41.57]

So there is this extra who screams like Hiyama Nobuyuki apparently but to my knowledge he isn’t in this. What an intro to my episode six meta, yeah? We are shown Relena in her limo riding to her really nice estate. Look at that. Nice. Her mother is dressed in the old school traditional funeral ensemble which is black attire and simple pearl jewelry, which is utterly appropriate for a widow in mourning. She hasn’t heard anything about her daughter and her husband is dead, so she clutches her daughter’s dress–the same dress Relena ruined so she could bandage Heero up–in the hopes that she can maybe via mother-daughter ESP figure out if she’s still alive.

And of course Relena comes in, quietly stating she’s home and they hug after Relena says NO YOU’RE MY MOTHER. Her mother knows that Relena knows the truth, but opts to say nothing because hey, if you ignore the elephant in the room, it goes away after a while right? (There is a time and a place for “we’re not your real family” later and this is not the time.) The love Relena has for her parents, especially her mother, is better than most people her age. Most teens hate their parents and are embarrassed of them, but not Relena. Probably because Relena doesn’t have friends, so her family’s all she has. (No, her admirers at school don’t count as friends.)

So Une is going to get rid of Relena one way or another so why not go down there herself? Oh and bring some suits because there might be some Gundams afoot. Treize is basically like, “Well we’re fucked regardless,” because I think he realises that nothing in their fleet, whether it’s tanks or mobile suits or soldiers, can match a Gundam and right now they’re just sending mobile suits out to be destroyed and soldiers to die for some cause that’s kind of stupid to begin with.

Back at the school, Heero is deleting his personal files because pffft, no one needs to remember he was here. You can delete your data, but you can’t wipe people’s memories, Heero. They will still remember you were there. Once he’s done with that, he hears commotion outside, the chattering of students about a party. He goes to the window and looks out.

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_06.02_[2015.02.22_13.48.44]

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_06.04_[2015.02.22_13.49.07]

“I’m not involved.”

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_06.04_[2015.02.22_13.49.15]

That look of resignation after that look of…almost longing to be down there with the other students. The desire to be normal and not have to worry about anything. Ugh. Heero breaks my heart sometimes.

Now it’s nighttime and the party is happening and Relena’s admirers are all sad because what a tragedy and Relena shows up and they express their sadness. Relena takes it in stride, being a beacon of strength for the others by saying to enjoy the party instead of wallowing in sadness. She doesn’t let the fact that her dad died or that her dress wasn’t ready get her down, even if she’s upset inside. It’s almost as if she has an image to maintain for these people, which she probably does to some extent, and that just makes things sadder.

Talk turns to how Heero is transferring, and Relena decides to check up on him because why the hell is he transferring schools? Apparently Heero has a lot of luggage and I don’t know where he stows that when he’s, you know, off fighting. I assume behind a tree somewhere. Relena just barges in on him and asks him if he’s off to fight again and where his next mission is, so he pulls his gun because I guess he forgot she knows that he’s a Gundam pilot (or at least bad news). She’s not scared, I think she knows that Heero isn’t going to shoot her since I’m pretty sure if he wanted her dead, she would have been already.

“I met Dr J.” Cue Heero’s surprise.

“So even you can be surprised. Since we met, you’re the one who’s always surprising me. If you killed me now it’d cause quite a commotion. I don’t think you want that.”

Relena is so fucking non-plussed at this point. She’s got his number. She knows how he works now. (Also I pictured Heero trying to run away from all of those students and not being able to get away and I laughed.) He’s already got all of this unwanted attention on him anyway, because a.) he doesn’t fit in and b.) he’s already leaving and he basically just got there so that’s a little suspicious. Last thing he needs is Relena’s blood on his hands as he tries to make his getaway. So she backs away from him and Heero is still probably thinking, “What the absolute fuck?” when she curtseys. Because there’s a dance going on downstairs!

I’m pretty sure dancing is not part of his pilot training, but then again the kid knows how to ride a horse and fence so who knows, he may also know how to dance. It’s just twirling in circles, right? How hard can that be?

I always imagined Relena having to teach him the basics before leading him downstairs just so he didn’t make an ass of himself. 😀

AND THEN we are treated to the saddest foghorn I’ve ever heard and then there’s fire and explosions. Fire + explosions = Wufei. We are only given these fleeting glimpses of Wufei, probably because at this point he’s too cool for everything right now. Instead, we are then treated to Trowa and his hideous clown ensemble that I hate more than I hate Duo’s pants. Catherine gets to throw knives at him and hope she doesn’t miss and actually hit him, because that would suck. The look Trowa gives her creeps her out when she realises he’s begging for his death (wow Trowa you’re really emo, it matches your hair) and she ends up slipping and cuts him just a little. Oh well that’s just a flesh wound, nothing to get your knickers in a twist over, Cathy.

Trowa telling her that he’s not paid to dodge made me wonder what the other pilots do for money. Like at least he has a side business of sorts to fall back on. Quatre of course has his inheritance money (maybe), and Wufei sold a priceless artifact for mad cash he bought some explosives and a truck with, but what about Heero and Duo? Do they steal it? I mean I would expect that of Duo because he knows all about survival on the streets, but what about Heero?

“You looked just like a wild beast. Your eyes are just like that lion’s.” And then Cathy says “oops!” because she just hurt the lion’s feels. Poor lion.

BACK TO HEERO AND RELENA, which is one of my favourite scenes simply because Heero just looks like he’s questioning his life decisions as he dances with some girl he’s barely known for a month and man, I wonder how many girls’ hearts he broke. And Relena asks him if he’s still going to kill her since she knows too much and he just goes, “Ah.” Ahahaha. (They both know he won’t, because as I said before, he would just kill her instead of constantly threatening to.)

OZ has huge balls to attack a school of all places. All for one person at that. Even Heero is like, “What the hell are you thinking?” And of course all of Relena’s classmates believe it’s the Colonies attacking when it is, in fact, OZ. Mmm, Ozzie propaganda at work here, folks. So of course Heero gets into Wing and starts laying waste to some mobile suits with buster rifle there whilst OZ decides to destroy half the school since they can’t aim worth a damn. Heero then drops buster because fuck rifles who needs ’em and pulls out his beam sabre because–

Maybe that’s why Heero knows how to fence. Because he uses a beam sabre. (That still doesn’t explain how he knows how to ride a horse.)

And then we interrupt this battle to bring you Quatre Raberba Winner being adorable by sipping at tea and trying to figure out if there are others out there aside from him and Trowa, and how much he wants to meet them.

You are too adorable. ♥

Speaking of other pilots, we interrupt you to bring you this shot of Duo Maxwell:

[OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Remastered Episode 06 'Party Night'.mkv_snapshot_15.30_[2015.02.22_14.16.13]

Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Seriously! Down below once we aren’t looking smack dab at Duo’s junk, Howard and the others are enjoying a nice cold one while Duo stares up at the moon and admires how beautiful she looks from Earth, and that from the colonies she looks like a graveyard since you can see her a lot closer. Then he wonders if Heero ever looks up at the moon and enjoys life every once in a while.

Duo loves thinking about Heero, doesn’t he? :3

While watching the scene where Heero saves Relena, I kind of figured it out (sometimes it takes a few times rewatching it to figure things out), why he’s wondering what the hell he’s doing and why he’s saving a girl he’s been threatening to kill the whole time. It’s kind of simple.

He’s literally done nothing but just kill everyone in his way. He’s never really saved anyone. You can argue thwarting assassination attempt #1 at Darlian in Episode Zero as “saving” someone, but that’s one person. His biggest regret was not being able to do anything for that little girl and her dog. That was his biggest failure. When we’re introduced to Heero, he’s killed two OZ soldiers and destroyed their suits. And here you have Relena, who has seen too much and knows too much about him that she could easily squeal on him and boom, that’s the end of Heero Yuy, pilot of Gundam Wing.

He can’t kill her because Relena is just an innocent girl who tried to befriend him and ended up getting caught up in some shit simply by knowing him.

Just like the girl with her dog.

And try as he might, he couldn’t get Relena to back off so that she would be less involved. So basically, Relena reminds him of himself. Killing her would kill the last thing, the only person, who reminds him that he’s human. By keeping her alive, he can keep some part of himself alive as well.

Also I don’t know why I forget that the shield can be used offensively, but I always do. Probably because Heero doesn’t really use it as a weapon too much. I know Wing Zero’s shield actually has a thing at the tip so you can easily use it offensively, but Wing’s shield lacks it, and of course in EW Wing Zero lacks the shield all together. And as this progresses, Heero gets more and more confused about what the fuck he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Why is he protecting someone he would be better off without? He’s getting back in touch with the human side and also I think he’s starting to care about Relena, so his emotions are kind of getting in the way a little.

Also Heero is fifteen and life is confusing at that age, especially when it comes to girls. And boys. And just…life. And Relena is apparently not going to die after all because Noin called in a favour to Treize to “by the way please don’t kill Relena that’s Zechs’ sister kthnx.” And Treize wonders why Zechs never told him he had a sister (and maybe he wonders if she’s really cute) because they’re supposed to be BFFs.

And Relena asks Heero why he saved her and Heero still doesn’t have an answer to this dilemma of why he can’t just murder her and then laugh about it like he did to everyone else he’s killed so far from the first episode on. Maybe he was under the influence of some drugs and they’re finally wearing off (or he ran out). But honestly, as I said before, I think it’s because he sees himself in Relena, his loneliness and him not knowing exactly where he fits into this puzzle called “life” and the want for the fighting to end and what this all means and why shit is the way that it is. What exactly are they caught up in? That sort of thing.

He kills Relena, he ends up killing a part of himself that he can’t get rid of no matter how many times Dekim sends him back to be “retrained”.


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